Beth and Pugs' Oaxacan Adventure - September 2008

Eight and a half years ago, Pugs and Beth went to Ireland on their honeymoon. That was the last vacation that Pugs has had. We've stolen away for a long weekend here and there, but that was the last time Pugs has taken a full week off of work. So to keep him from becoming the guy that puts work in front of life, we're running off to Oaxaca for our anniversary!

This is our travel-blog. Our goal is to update it with text at least once daily and to add photos as time allows. Will Pugs get amoebic dysentery? Would he even notice if he did? Will Beth be mistaken for a pale-faced cousin of the native peoples in Oaxaca due to her size? Will the large, one-eyed, colored man with a lot of camera and computer equipment make it through customs? How many times will Beth call him a dumb-ass and smack him for being a dumb-ass?

Who knows?! Follow along with us as we take Oaxaca by storm!

Pre-Vacation - Last update: 19 September 2008, 21:19 - Beth

Day 1 - Last update: 20 September 2008, 21:57 - Beth

Day 2 - Last update: 21 September 2008, 22:58 - Beth

Day 3 - Last update: 23 September 2008, 10:33 - Pugs

Day 4 - Last update: 23 September 2008, 20:55 - Beth

Day 5 - Last update: 24 September 2008, 21:42 - Pugs

Day 6 - Last update: 25 September 2008, 22:43 - Pugs

Day 7 - Last update: 30 September 2008, 17:08 - Pugs

Homecoming - Last update: 1 October 2008, 12:51 - Pugs